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Breast Augmentation

IntroWell you’ve made it this far! You’re taking a little time for yourself to learn what breast augmentation is really all about. Our site is designed to help guide you through this wonderful experience and should provide the necessary information you’ll need to decide if breast enhancement is right for you.

No doubt you have spent a great deal of time in self reflection. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Is this what I really want? Is it safe? Does it last? How will I look? What will my friends think? Montreal breast augmentation The worries and concerns may seem endless. Well guess what? Let me quickly reassure you that these feelings are entirely normal and are felt by most women when they begin to seriously consider having their breasts enlarged.

Together we’ll carefully review and simplify the answers to these and many other questions. We’ll look through this procedure from A to Z and strengthen your understanding of important issues before proceeding further. Some women just know breast augmentation is right for them. Others approach this from a slower, more cautious route.

I strongly believe that you’re already doing the right thing – you’re taking the time to inform yourself about a safe, reliable procedure that may one day change your life forever.

I wish you the best and hope you find our site informative.


Ronald G Zelt, MD

What You Want

Well what do you want? Most people would think this is an odd question. Women want implants to have larger breasts of course! Well don’t they?

I would like this to be where your learning experience will start – with the “A” about breast augmentation. The “A” stands for “All about you”.

While we might attempt to compile a list of reasons for wanting to have breast augmentation, the truth is, it is a very personal decision, different for each and every woman I see in my office. You would be very surprised to know how many women tell me they are not considering breast augmentation simply because they want large breasts.

My patients have told me...

“I’d like something a little larger, maybe one cup size to help me fill out my bathing suit” (some ask to have their breasts made only a half a cup size larger)

“I’ve been wearing a padded bra for years and want to be the same size but without the pads. I don’t want anyone to know.”

“Could you help me look fuller, like I was before...”

“I want to be a C cup – but not too big, but not too small, maybe a C plus, no, I want to be the same C cup I am now but a different shape...”

“I don’t like the huge “balloon” breasts I sometimes see on television. I want something natural. I want to go braless for the first time in my life.”

“You know, I’m just tired of looking in the mirror every morning and dreaming about having larger breasts”

I could fill up pages with many other quotes but you get the picture. The decision to have breast enlargement is yours and justifying your reasons to me, your family or your friends is not required. There is simply nothing wrong with wanting larger or fuller breasts.

Breast augmentation is about feeling good about yourself, about being happy with who you are and being comfortable with your body. How you feel about your breasts and what role they play in your life is personal and private. You are doing this for you.

For further information about breast augmentation, please set up a consultation with our office today.

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