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Here we’ll look at what breast augmentation can do for your breasts themselves. By placing a breast implant within the breast, we can expect to achieve the following goals.

Many women who undergo breast augmentation are doing so to have their breasts enlarged. The size of their breasts at the time of their initial consultation may vary from a small A cup to a full C cup volume. A woman might wear a B cup bra and wish to be a C cup, for example. Others tell me they are a “B minus” and want only to be a full B. Regardless of the desired volume, placing an implant under the breast tissue or pectoral muscle (more about this later), will make the breasts appear larger in a bra, bathing suit and clothes.

There are other reasons however why women present for breast augmentation.

1. Some women pass through their teens and early twenties waiting for their breasts to develop and they don’t. These women present with very little or no breast tissue, a condition called “amastia” (no breast tissue) or “hypomastia” (very little breast tissue). In these cases, having breast implants inserted is more about simply having noticeable breasts and enhancing their feelings of femininity and self confidence.

2. Some women present with breasts that have begun to fall. Although such sagging or drooping is normal, with age and weight loss this process can be more pronounced. When the sagging is only minor, breast augmentation will have the added benefit of not only making her breasts larger but helping the nipples rise slightly to a more youthful position.

3. Using an implant to correct sagging breasts is only possible in minor cases. When the breasts fall further, a procedure called a breast lift or mastopexy is required. This procedure raises the nipple and areola upwards to a more youthful position on the breast, often combined with removing excess breast skin. When deciding on having a breast lifting procedure, many women also want them enlarged at the same time. In these situations, a combined procedure called a breast lift-augmentation or a mastopexy-augmentation is performed.

4. During breast development, it is quite common for teens to see their breasts grow quite differently from each other. This is called breast asymmetry. Sometimes it is mild and simply appears as though one breast is a little larger or smaller than the other. In others, the difference between the breasts can be very apparent – not only in volume but often in form as well. Managing breast asymmetry is sometimes very complicated and frequently involves the use of breast implants to augment the volume of one or both breasts.

For more information about what to expect from your procedure contact our office to set up a consultation.

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