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Implant Placement

Breast implant location

The implants are placed within a pocket that is carefully prepared through one of the incisions outlined above. This pocket can be created under the breast tissue (subglandular) or under the pectoralis major muscle on your chest (submuscular).


This is the most common placement of implants for breast augmentation and tends to give the most natural result in terms of feel and movement.


Many years ago when scaring around the breast implants was seen more frequently, many surgeons began placing the implants beneath the pectoralis major muscle. With normal activity, the implants were constantly being massaged, helping to prevent capsular contracture. Implants in this position are somewhat limited in their movement by the overlying muscle. Also, upon flexing your chest muscles (like when pressing your hands against your hips) your breasts will flatten or change shape as the muscle compresses the implant temporarily.

With modern implants - both silicone and saline - the rate of aggressive scaring leading to firm breasts is much less common and many surgeons returned to placing the majority of implants in the subglandular pocket. That being said, many breast surgeons prefer one or the other for varying reasons. We will carefully review the advantages and disadvantages of each and you'll then be in a better position to decide which is best for you.

To learn more about implant placement please contact Dr. Zelt to set up a consultation.

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