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Procedure Day


You may wonder what happens on the day of your procedure.

Arrival at the Clinic

You'll receive directions to the RocklandMD private operating facility located in the same building as our offices. There's plenty of free parking.

After entering the Surgical Facility , you'll be greeted by the clinic's secretary or one of the nurses. There is a comfortable waiting room for you and your support team. When the time of your surgery approaches, the nurses will take you inside to prepare for surgery. There is a changing room with lockers where you can leave your clothes. Each locker has a key which you or whom ever is with you can keep during your stay at the clinic. You'll then be directed into a comfortable room to relax as best you can before your surgery.

Preoperative Visits

Before your surgery, you'll be seen by three people. I'll (Dr. Zelt) stop in to say hello and quickly review your procedure with you again. If any markings are required, I'll do them at this time.

The anesthetist will speak with you about the anesthetic you'll be receiving. He or she will also ask you some general health questions, if you have any allergies and if you've had any problems with general anesthesia in the past.

The nurses will also meet with you and describe the procedures of the day. She'll also give you some medication before your surgery.

Although the three visits just mentioned are brief, please feel free to ask any last minute questions you have before your surgery.

Your Operation

When the time comes for your surgery, the nurses will lead you into the operating room. There you'll lie on the operating room table while the anesthetist starts a small intravenous on your hand or forearm. The atmosphere in the operating room is very relaxed so if you are a little nervous, feel free to talk with the people around you. They are all friendly and very supportive. Within a few minutes of entering the room, the anesthetist will give you some oxygen to breath and you'll drift off to sleep.

In the Recovery Room

In what feels like mere seconds, you'll be waking up in the recovery room. There will be a nurse by your side attending to your every need. She'll make sure you are comfortable in your bed and you receive your pain medication. You may have an oxygen mask on when you wake up to help you breathe easier. Usually 20 to 30 minutes later, you'll feel more awake and the nurses will go get whomever is with you to come up to sit beside you in the recovery room.

Returning Home

When you are able to walk and have been able to go to the washroom following your surgery, the nurses will review with you a list of instructions to follow in days following your surgery. The nurses will also help you get dressed and help you to the waiting area in the entrance. You'll need a ride home from your surgery from your family, friends or by taxi in some circumstances. Your dressings will consist of a small gauze over your incision covered by a thin plastic dressing. This is fairly waterproof and allows you to begin showering the following day.

At home please relax as much as possible and avoid any strenuous activities. You may shower normally. Take your mediations for pain as directed by Dr Zelt. Any further questions concerning your procedure day can be answered by Dr. Zelt during your consultation.

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