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Your Consultation


Your first visit to our office, called the consultation visit, lasts around 30 to 45 minutes.

After introductions, you will have the opportunity to tell me what you’re looking for in terms of breast enhancement. This is the most important time in a consultation during which I will want you to feel comfortable and not rushed in any way. I’ll listen to you carefully so I can fully understand what you want. I am here to serve you as best I can and this begins with trying my absolute best to hear what you are saying so I can formulate a management plan based on your needs.

Once your goals are reviewed, I will then ask you questions regarding your breasts and your general health.

Your Breasts

I will ask you questions related to how your breasts behave during your menstrual cycle, have you had any problems related to your breasts, have you breast fed or have had any previous breast surgery. I will also want to know if you have a family history of breast conditions or cancer.

Your General Health

I will want to know if you smoke, what medications you are taking, what allergies you may have and if you have any other medical or surgical issues.

I will then examine your breasts and evaluate the quality of your skin and breast tissue, determine if your breasts show any ptosis (sagging), the position of your nipple-areola complexes and note any differences that may exist between your breasts. Breast augmentation can be affected by the quality of your soft tissues and the shape of your chest cavity. These and other areas will be carefully assessed.


At this point, we have discussed your goals for breast augmentation and your examination has helped me understand the many variables I must consider in order to achieve these goals. Now we’ll review some important issues specific to breast augmentation that you need to understand before we can proceed further.

Take a moment to set up your consultation today.

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